Meet Our Cotton Trail Artists!

In January we sent out an announcement about our upcoming project Cotton Trail Art 2020. Many talented young Gambians submitted their art. Unfortunately, we could only take onboard ten participants. The selection were done by three judges independently scored all of the artwork that were submitted.

Ebrina Gitteh - one of our Cotton Trail Artists

We believe the our cotton can be used for many purposes. One, is by creating art, using cotton as a canvas. Another could be, using cotton as the material for creating the art!

The artists are all very talented. They have their own style and enjoy testing out new techniques. Painting on cotton as canvas was definitely new to them when they first tried it out. Under mentorship of Bjørg Thorhallsdottir and Njogu Touray they learned quickly and enjoyed the experience!

On behalf of the Cotton Trail Artists, we take projects and assignments that combine their art work and out cotton. Send us an e-mail if you need a new African Art inspired wall hang, on cotton canvas paintings or other things you may have in mind!

Check out some of the artwork here.

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