The Gambia Cotton Trail

At The Gambia Cotton Trail, we aim at reviving the cotton industry in The Gambia by creating products that are made in the country. From the farmers putting the seed in the ground to a hand woven or finished product. Our mission is to create opportunities from East to West!

Cotton in Gambia
Part of the process is washing the cotton after it has been woven.

The history of cotton in Gambia

The Economy of The Gambia has always been subject to many factors. Not least its governance. Cotton used to be a major part of its economy, not only supplying jobs to the agriculture sector but also employing weavers, tailors and retail merchants. In the 1990s, the way in which cotton was traded changed. And instead of being valued at a fixed price per ton, its price became negotiable, meaning that The Gambia could not compete with its bigger more mechanised neighbours like Senegal. Over time, cotton production died out and today only a small fraction of its previous production is achieved.

About The Gambia cotton trail
About The Gambia cotton trail

What we do at Cotton Trail

Because cotton is not just about agriculture and more about the culture we have begun to rebuild some of the bonds that tie communities together. For example, there is a chain-link of skills that when brought together, create something quite magical. Explore our website and discover an enormous wealth of talent that The Gambia has to offer!

The Cotton Trail Farmers Village
The Cotton Trail Farmers Village

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