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We challenged our Cotton Trail Artists to each create two pieces of Gambia art. The theme was staying positive during Covid-19. Because it is important to keep thinking forward and let passion be alive! Therefore, these paintings are made to you! Enjoy and keep having positive thoughts!

The canvas for our Gambia art is our cotton. The paintings have been done at home, under mentorship by Njogu Touray via WhatsApp. Each of the artists was asked to give their paintings a title, and a description.

Local artist: Ebrima Gitteh

God Save the World – This painting reflects on all the people that have suffered during covid-19. To those who lost their lives or lost someone dear, people who lost jobs, businesses that have closed down and all of us that are facing difficult times. It is Gambia art about coming together, it will get better and pray to God to save the world.

Hope -There is always hope in life and moments of happiness regardless of how difficult things may seem. Let’s all have faith and be happy with our children, family and loved ones.

Local artist: Anta Ceesay

Aralsabopa – This is a Wolof word that means protect yourself. During this pandemic, we need to wear a nose mask and wash hands properly. Here you can see the woman is wearing her masks and carrying a Calabash containing water. She is helping her neighbourhood to protect themselves from the deadly virus. We are all in this together, let´s stay positive and support each other.

Nimala Bugeh – It means “the love I have for you”. I encourage everyone to stay positive and love each other. Everything’s gonna be alright.

Local artist: Musa Bah

Frontline Workers – This painting is to celebrate the frontline workers and support them with the important job they are doing. Hospital, we thank you for your support!

Stay Clean and Healthy – Take care of each other by staying clean and healthy. Wash your hands and wear a mask, and you will be surrounded by laughter and smile in the years to come! We can see your smile through your eyes.

Local Artist: Abdou Aziz Ceesay (Aziz)

With Love We are Happy – This is painting depicts the role of love that brings joy into our lives. Especially during this pandemic, when there are many sad things happening around our us. But with love, we are OK and happy.

Together we Dance to the Melody of Joy – With all the difficulties happening around the world between people of different colours, this painting is to show how happy we can be if we all live in unison.

Local artist: Martin K Aklibosu (Zoom)

Fragrance – After a long period of the protective nose mask, it’s ideal to inhale such a pleasant smell from the floral garden. Short moments of joy, create memories for a lifetime.

Salvation – This work is done to show love to our surroundings and to prevent extinction of animals and the living world that surrounds us.

Local artist: Jatou Mbye

Chofel – The Wolof word for love. I saw a rose flower that my grandmother planted in her mini garden and straight away I fell in love with it. Through this rose, I want to tell the world how much l value drawing, painting, fashion and love.

Love During C19 – Covid-19 cases have again started to increase in many countries. This Gambia art captures my urge to tell the world what we still need to appreciate; care and love for each other during and after the pandemic.

Local artist: Amadou Bah

Support Each Other – It can be difficult times. This painting is showing neighbourhood helping each other with food supply.

Celebration – Neighbours singing and playing music together. A great way to stay positive and create happiness in the community.

Local artist: Amadou Barry

Across the Bridge – The painting depicts the long and difficult journey taken to 2021, after many difficult months in 2020. It shows people of all age groups trying to make effort to get out of the darkness.  Research workers and health workers can also be seen doing their best to restore things to normalcy. It also shows the difficulty of this period from yearly on to post covid which will also require extra care and solidarity to make it successful.

Meltoden – Meaning happiness in Fula. The painting is a manifestation of the important role entertainment plays in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic stress. It also symbolises the important role women have during corona and the different instruments known in traditional African music.

Local artist: Zina Zoker

Love Admist the Pandemic – A lady holding a bowl of love. This reminds me of the love shown by people towards each other during the pandemic. We are in this together.

Shield of Love – A family re-united after being separated as a result of the pandemic. A lot of time together were lost. Even though the pandemic is an difficult situation, the love it brings in a family by uniting them, is something special.

Local artist & mentor: Njogu Touray

Feed the Cats – We rescued stranded kittens during the Covid_19, and it kept our spirit up during the lockdown. That’s what inspired this piece, and it is to remember to stay positive, help each other and share with all creatures on the planet.

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