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It is important to protect our forests. In this virtual Art Gallery challenge, we asked our Cotton Trail Artists to create art that symbolises exactly that. To put the forest on the agenda and showcase not only the beauty and resources a forest has to offer but also that we can not be without our forests. Art is a great way to “showcase” the message “We need to unite to Protect our Forests”.

The canvas for our Gambia art is cotton. The paintings have been done at home, under the mentorship of Njogu Touray via WhatsApp. Each of the artists was asked to give their paintings a title, and a description. Take a look through our Virtual Art Gallery and Protect our Forests paintings.

protect our forests

Local artist: Martin K Aklibosu (Zoom)

The Struggle begins when our forest is gone | Protecting our forests means wildlife stay in their habitats. This prevents them from migrating to wastelands, where there is no vegetation, cover and food.

protecting our forests

Local artist: Jatou Mbye

Rerl Si Arla (Wolof: light in a forest) | Inspiration from a clean and fresh piece of land with many trees in Janjanbureh village. Immediately I went into the forest, I came to appreciate more of where I was from. I decided to take lots of photos to get as much inspiration as possible and then paint to show how I value and appreciate our motherland.

Another important information contained in the picture is the adoption of renewable energy sources as modern ways of curbing the emission of harmful chlorofluorocarbon gases into the atmosphere through the use of wind energy(wind turbines)as alternative source to generate energy needed for domestic use. Wild animals such as the elephant and the rhino can be seen and assuming they are also involved in the fight against the negative effects of climate change in their own ways. The elephant symbolises a big animal that can be vulnerable to wildfires and desertification and can be seen throwing out water from it's trumpet possibly to put out any wildfire and the rhino stamping out any possible bush fire. This means that even animals are very important in this battle against climate like humans do because the relationship between the two are determined by the.vegetation they share.

Local artist: Musa Bah

Stop cutting trees | the silk cotton tree standing still tall, next to a tree that has been cut down. It’s not good if you cut the trees in the forest, we will destroy the livelihood and plants for the animals. Let’s protect our forests and environment.

Save the Trees

Local artist: Anta Ceesay

Save the Trees | we should protect our forests and stop cutting down the trees and start planting them instead. Let´s keep the forest beautiful so that there will be a place for the little butterflies and birds to be.

Protect the Forest

Local Artist: Abdou Aziz Ceesay (Aziz)

Preserve the Forest | This painting shows the beauty of the forest and how animals can live in it without fear of been removed from their habitats. Protecting the forest will prevent animals from been extinct.

Local artist: Zina Zoker

Standing Tree | In this piece, you can see a tree standing all alone as it waits for it’s time to be cut down. No one there to stand for it and protect it from being cut down, as it stands tall to a scary world around it.

Local artist: Amadou Bah

Baobab Tree | Is very important in our daily life because Baobab trees take many years to grow. They are a gift from God and from these trees, we can make juice which has many health benefits for us. That’s why we have to keep this nature tree in our Forests.

Local artist: Ebrima Gitteh

Save the Nature for Your Future | This painting is about a man planting trees to combat deforestation and allowing the animals to live peacefully and in safety.

Local artist: Amadou Barry

PPI Planned Protection Initiatives | The picture illustrates the effects of Global warming. Also, the role children can play in the fight against climate change.

Renewable energies are modern ways of curbing emissions and protecting animals from the effects of deforestation.

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